GeoEnergi 2019 was arranged February 4th – 5th at NORCE Fantoft in Bergen.

The conference was kicked off by the two keynote speakers:

  • David Bruhn, Professor at TU Delft and Scientist at GFZ Potsdam: “Recent international developments in the use of geothermal energy resources”.   
  • Albert Genter form ÉS Géothermie: “Industrial and applied R&D results in deep geothermal energy from Alsace”.   

The rest of the day was devoted to technology status, market status and opportunities and networks, research priorities and funding opportunities. Furthermore, presentations from research projects within geothermal energy in Norway was presented. 

The second day of the conference was devoted to ground source heat pump systems.  Signhild Gehlin from Svenskt Geoenergicentrum opened the day with a presentation of Annex 52: “Long term performance measurement of GSHP Systems serving commercial, institutional and multi-family buildings”.  The rest of the day was devoted to innovative and integrated geothermal energy solutions.  There were 10 presentation from both industry and research projects throughout the day, with the majority of participants from Sweden and Norway.   

The conference gathered 81 participants from both industry and research institutions.  Feedback from the conference participants indicates that this is an important meeting place for all the participants in the geothermal energy sector in Norway, both within research and industry.  

The presentations from the conference will be published consecutively, as they are approved for this. 


CGER steering committee leader, Inga Berre,welcomes GeoEnerg 2019 (photo: Per Gunnar Lunde/NORCE)


Coffee break (photo: Gunn Janne Myrseth/NORCE)


From the conference venue (photo: Gunn Janne Myrseth/NORCE)


Pdf of the presentations.




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