The first General Assembly and Board Meeting was held at CMR in Bergen August 15

Up to now CGER has been based of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between partners from industry, research institutes, agencies and academia. This MoU is now been replaced by a Consortium Agreement. The main objectives and goals of CGER remain unchanged, but through this agreement CGER will strengthen its activities and become a more powerful national forum for geothermal energy research.

The following key partners have signed the new Consortium Agreement: BKK, CMR, Entreprenørservice, IRIS, IFE, Kongsberg Innovation, NGU, Norsar, Resonator, Uni Research, University of Bergen and University of Tromsø. Three new partners have already indicated positive interest and are invited to sign the Consortium Agreement. Inga Berre, CMR was elected as Board leader.

Tone Ibenholt from the Research Council presented the new Renergix program and also commented on the proposed FME on Geothermal Energy after the General Assembly. Her presentation can be downloaded here.



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