Current nationally lead research projects

 Project Project lead  Project type  Project period 
An integrated geological and mathematical framework for the characterization, modelling and simulation of fractured geothermal reservoirs (ANIGMA) UiB KPN 2015-2018
Thermo-mechanical subsurface energy storage (TheMSES) UiB FP 2016-2021
Technology platform for research-based innovations in deep geothermal drilling (INNO-Drill) Sintef KPN 2016-2019
Feasibility Study on Deep Geothermal Drilling in Ålgård   VRI  
Optimal ressursutnyttelse av grunnvann til oppvarming og kjøling i Melhus og Elverum (ORMEL) Melhus kommune   2015-
Improved simulation technology for flow and transport in fracture zones UiB Vista 2015-2018
Enhancing geothermal reservoirs - hydraulic and thermal stimulation technology UiB KPN 2017-2020
Modeling of high temperature, high pressure geothermal energy production system NTNU KPN 2017-2020
Cost-effective and Reliable Engineered Casing Systems for super-HT Geothermal Wells Statoil ASA IPN 2017-2020
Integrerte varme- og kjølesystem for sykehusbygg med mål om minimal brutto energibruk Norconsult IPN 2017-2020
RockStore - develop, demonstrate and monitor the next generation BTES systems CMR KPN 2018-2021
Cryogenic cooling canister for downhole tools Norwegian Well IPN  



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