Foredrag av Gunnar Hernborg, BKK
Gunnar Hernborg hodt foredraget "Challenges seen from our point of view - an energy and district heating supplier" på CGER møtet 4.september 2009. 
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Gjesteforelesning av Prof. Jefferson Tester
Jefferson Tester besøkte CGER 4.september 2009 og gav en gjesteforelesningen "The Future of Geothermal Energy - Can it become a major supplier of primary energy".

Presentasjonen i pdf-format. 
Recent focus on the value of increasing our supply of indigenous, renewable energy underscores the need for re-evaluating all
alternatives, particularly those that are large and well-distributed nationally. To transition from our current hydrocarbon-based energy
system, we will need to expand and diversify the portfolio of options we currently have. One such option that is often ignored in national
assessments is geothermal energy from both conventional hydrothermal and enhanced or engineering geothermal systems (EGS).

A comprehensive assessment of enhanced or engineered geothermal systems (EGS) was carried out by an MIT-led, 18-member panel assembled to evaluate the potential of geothermal to become a major primary energy supply for the US. Although geothermal energy is currently used for both electric and non-electric applications worldwide from conventional hydrothermal resources, this study focused on the
potential for EGS to provide 100,000 MWe of base-load electric generating capacity in the US by 2050. The presentation will summarize
analysis results in the three areas important to EGS deployment on a large scale, namely:

1. Resource - estimating the magnitude and distribution of the US EGS resource

2. Technology - establishing requirements for extracting and utilizing energy from EGS reservoirs including drilling, reservoir design and
stimulation and thermal energy conversion to electricity

3. Economics - projecting costs for EGS supplied electricity as a function of invested R&D and deployment in evolving US energy markets

In addition, current progress in field testing of EGS in the US, Europe, and Australia will be reviewed to outline what remains to be
done for large-scale deployment of EGS.

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