New Board composition in CGER

The CGER General Assembly 2015 appointed four new Board members March 10th, hence the new Board will consist of:

Inga Berre, CMR (Chairman)

Jiri Muller, IFE

Erlend Randeberg, IRIS

Trond Øiseth, Entreprenørservice

Per Håvard Kleven, Kongsberg Innovation

Yuriy Maystrenko, NGU

Volker Oye, NORSAR

Astrid Lervik Mejdell, Statoil

Ritske S Huisman, UiB


From the CGER administration: Kirsti Midttømme (Center manager and coordinator)


CGER centre manager Kirsti Midttømme is pleased with the new Board, and are certain that the newly appointed representatives will contribute with their input and knowledge.

“A special thanks is also extended to our industry representatives in CGER, who contribute to a good balance between science and industry in the CGER Board”, says Chairman Inga Berre.


Inga Berre (Chairman) and Kirsti Midttømme (centre manager)


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